What to expect in this course

Welcome to the Savvy Social Worker Exam Prep Study System/Course!

This program was created on the basis of my personal knowledge and experience that preparing for the licensure exam can cause a great deal of anxiety. Most people struggle with getting started, staying focused, not knowing what or how to study, becoming overwhelmed by all of the content, not knowing how to organize the content, and/or creating a realistic study plan.

I can tell you from my very own experience, that being organized keeps you on track with the flow of information you are trying to retain. Having an organized study system saves you time spent wondering, guessing, searching, and procrastinating. I want to help you avoid that fate.

SSWEP is a self-paced, organized, and simplified learning system that allows you to study and learn at your own pace. It breaks down your study sessions into topical components that allow you to better understand and retain the information being studied.

*Access to this course is for 3 months. Extensions can be purchased thereafter.*

DISCLAIMER: Information has been pulled from various cited resources (websites, books, etc.) with the general idea of creating a platform to streamline and simplify the information you are already studying into one organized area.

Information that credits Dawn Apgar can be found by purchasing the Social Work ASWB Masters or Clinical Exam Guide: A Comprehensive Study Guide for Success by Springer Publishing.

This course includes quizzes, tests, and exams so that all bases are covered!

  • Quiz- short and informal knowledge evaluation
  • Test- determines your understanding of concepts taught
  • Exam- measures your mastery of the course content

Most lecture includes: Video explanation; Rapid Review document; Image summary; Downloadable Quick Quiz 

Some modules will ALSO include 2-5 quick check questions.

Please keep in mind that these sections are ONLY REVIEWS of what should have already been introduced in school. They will not be fully comprehensive lessons. We include the most pertinent information necessary to answer questions of the ASWB licensure exam.


The mock exam will not be activated until 10 days after your course begins.

This is to ensure that you review the modules before taking the exam.




Some lessons will allow you to download the material. This is usually the materials that are referenced and can also be retrieved independently. The copyrighted course materials will not be downloadable due to copying infringement precautions.

Copyright © Savvy Social Worker Exam Prep. You have been licensed with one copy of these documents for personal use only. Any other reproduction or redistribution is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

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